Animal Poker Character Quiz EN

Welcome to Animal Inc.!
We are an innovative company that firmly believes in the flexibility of our employees. And that's what today is all about!

Have you read the personnel files of our employees? From intern to CEO, you can read all the important information about their job. And you should do it carefully, because afterwards you have to answer one question about each employee!

Of course you can also win something (that's how it is at Animal Inc. - hard and good work pays off). We are giving away 5 of our card games: Animal Poker (of course), CoyoteSpicy and our new releases Hungry Monkey and Sweet & Spicy!!!!

Participation is possible from 02.08.2022 - 31.08.2022. Have fun!

Which kind of education received CEO Chanel?

What is the meaning of FISH?

What does COO Gomez not have a problem with at all?

Which treat can you always get from Linda?

How many times has Archibald's chair had to be replaced this year?

When does Richard offer his Louis Fauxton watches for sale?

What title has Bob held since 2020?

What did Meryn study?

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